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The perfect glass for Prosecco.  Did you know the narrow flute isn't the best glass for Prosecco (nor Champagne or other quality sparkling wines).  A wider tulip shape helps the aroma and taste to develop.  The Spiegelau Prosecco glasses are designed to do just that: to accentuate the characteristics of Prosecco to help you enjoy the best experience.  They are dishwasher proof too.  Spiegelau is a brand owned by the world's top glassware manufacturer, Riedel.  The Spiegelau glasses use the same quality glass and made at the same factory as Riedel glassware.


  • 4 x Spiegelau Prosecco glasses
  • High quality Crystal glass
  • Dishwasher proof
  • Features a nucleation point to help bubbles to form
  • Fine rim


Spiegelau Prosecco Glasses - Set of 4