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Bringing wine passion and tradition together.


Etiké's Story

Etiké company was founded in 1998 by 5 friends.  With a passion for great wine combined with one of the friend's expertise and background in ceramics, they had the clever idea of combining amazing wines with stunning ceramic art.   Etiké was born.

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The Vineyards

Etiké has a number of vineyards across Italy.

Handcrafted hearts

Etiké's artisan ceramic factory is based in Salerno, Italy.  Each heart is carefully crafted throughout each step of the processes from preparing the clay to painting.

Ca'Salina family.jpg

The Wine Portfolio

The Etiké portfolio comprises of beautiful Sparkling, White, Red and Rosé wines.  All the wines are adjorned with Etiké's unique ceramic heart.  The wines specially selected by Just Perfect Wines are:

  • Love Prosecco DOC Gold

  • Love Prosecco DOC Rose Gold

  • Love Pinot Grigio DOC

  • Love Rosato

  • Love Primitivo 

Award Winning

Etike's Love Primitivo has won many international wine awards.  Most recent awards are:

  • Bronze 

  • Silver

Love Primitivo - stunning inside and out.

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